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70% Road & Sand, 30% Dirt & Mud. The Cooper Zeon LTZ was developed as a hybrid between a sports truck tyre and an all-terrain tyre. The aggressiveness of the LTZ can tame any road surface while providing excellent ride and handling capabilities.

Key Features

  • LUG TIE-IN ZONES - These zones incorporate raised, serrated "lug-locks" between the tread block elements to reinforce the tread pattern for enhanced steering and traction.
  • ALTERNATELY SCALLOPED SHOULDER LUGS - Shoulder lugs are alternately scalloped and offset for improved traction on soft surfaces like mud and sand.
  • LONG "TWO Z" ELEMENT SIPING - The use of dual "Z"-shaped sipes on each tread lug help provide for long, dependable traction in all-weather conditions while balancing tread element stiffness for treadwear and handling.
  • TAPERED TREAD - This design feature puts deep tread in the centre and slightly shallower tread in the shoulders to improve wear and wet handling while reducing weight.
  • PERFORMANCE APEX - The high modulus rubber compound above the bead minimises sidewall flex in cornering resulting in crisp handling.
  • RIM PROTECTOR - A rubber rim protector extends beyond the rim flange and decreases the chance of rim damage that can occur if a tyre/wheel assembly scuffs a curb.
  • VENTLESS TECHNOLOGY - The molds used to manufacture the Zeon LTZ incorporate special venting technology in the tread area to provide a crisp, clean, premium appearance.
  • FULL SIZE RANGE - The new Zeon LTZ is available in one 18 and three 20 inch rim diameter sizes in passenger constructon.

Performance Category: Crossover 4WD

Size Load Index Speed Index Overall Diameter Runflat
19" (Show)
20" (Show)