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Put through its paces by Cooper Tires engineers across more than 1,000,000kms of testing throughout Australia's harshest terrains, the STT PRO delivers unprecedented traction and performance off-road without sacrificing its on-road capabilities. The STT Pro was punished through countless outback terrains from the Strezelecki Track, through Cordillo Downs in the Simpson Desert Region, and up to the Gibb River Road through the Kimberley region. Test data was taken back to America to create the next generation mud tyre. It's this constant improvement, over many years, developing technology that puts Cooper generations ahead of its rivals.

Key Features

  • Mud Release Dimples and Mud Scoops - Work together to create air pockets that prevent mud from sticking between the tread blocks.
  • Raised Rubber Ribs and Angled Groove Walls - Work together to eject stones and gravel from the tread. This gives you a reduced chance of stone retention.
  • Flex Grove - Allows the tyre to flex - dampening the impact generated by inconsistent terrain. This gives you greater flexibility and a smoother ride.
  • Advanced Sipes (Internal & Micro) - Minimise stress along the shoulder tread blocks. This gives you reduced cutting and chipping, and increased wet traction.

Performance Category: Off Road 4WD

Size Load Index Speed Index Overall Diameter Runflat
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